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Consider using Phabricator Calendar events to schedule Wikimedia Developer Summit sessions
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Let's explore the idea of using Phabricator Calendar to schedule Wikimedia-Developer-Summit (2017) sessions. Potential advantages:

  • Phabricator Calendar is arguably easier to handle than big wiki tables, and may provide more flexibility through search queries.
  • Easier to show people's interest in attending a session, might help distributing sessions in rooms with the right size.
  • Expected features not available today include .ics export, maybe sync with Google Calendar.
  • Other?


  • Calendar in a Phabricator page instead of a page?
  • Other?

See also: T1035: Consolidate the many tech events calendars in Phabricator's calendar

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Event Timeline

We should do this. Phab events are designed for meetings, so even without the .ics support, this would be helpful.

Phab events do timezone conversion based on account preference. That could be a mixed blessing for someone flying in from another country or planning from outside PST timezone. The timezone conversion would be great for people participating remotely, though.

Why Phab events are great: here's the ArchCom IRC meetings for 2016

QuarterMonth 1Month 2Month 3
FY15-16Q3January: E133, E134, E135, E137February: E138, E140, E143, E144March: E146, E147, E148, E150
FY15-16Q4April: E152, E158, E159, E162, E168May: E169, E171, E184, E187June: E198, E203, E213, E218, E224,
FY16-17Q1July: E226, E228, E235, E237August: E251, E259, E261, E263, E266September: E269, E271, E273, E285
FY16-17Q2October: E287, E316November:December

The remarkup to generate that was pretty easy to write, and it's not terrible to read (it's not great, but not terrible). We won't always have the benefit of three digit event numbers, but we should take advantage of it for Wikimedia-Developer-Summit (2017), even though we'll probably have 4 digit ids by Wikimedia-Developer-Summit (2018)

The point is that even if the automatic calendars are kind of weird, we could compensate with an annotated table dense with a lot of information.

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I started too late and now I get what I believe is an upstream bug...

  1. Create a query for events under Wikimedia-Developer-Summit (2017) within the Summit dates:
  2. Click "Use results"... Export queary as .ics
  3. Give a name to the export and set the Mode to Public.
  4. The result I got is


This link works:


An error message appears:

Event queries which generate ghost events must include either a result limit or an end date, because they may otherwise generate an infinite number of results. This query has neither.

Which is not true, because an end date is defined (and the form doesn't have any option to set a search limit anyway).

48h before the event (and 0 working hours before the event), I am stuck. I have to give up for the Summit. :(((

At least I have learned how this is supposed to work. I think it can be useful not only in conferences with multiple sessions, also i.e. to get Tech Talks automatically added to your calendar.

Anyway, declining this one and CCing @Aklapper and @mmodell just in case they want to have a look and/or report upstream.