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Enable TimedMediaHandler video player in articles on mobile (instead of hyperlink to unplayable video)
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Currently, on mobile, if you embed a video in an article, there will only be a link (called "Play media") and it directly links to the .ogv video, instead of using our ogv.js player.


This causes problem on Chrome Android browser (which should be the dominant browser on this platform) since they don't have a native Theora decoder, nor do they plan to ship one. The users end up not be able to see the video.

The video plays fine when it's in-line of the "File:" page, because of the JS player I assume.

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This is blocked on finalizing the video.js player

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Note that with the "New video player" beta feature enabled, this can be tested in production -- just make sure you're logged in in the mobile browser and it will pick up the preference.

There may be control-size issues which still have to be worked out.

This is becoming more of an issue as it's blocking the removal of the mobile targets system.

Note there are options that allow for fixing T235712 by changing the strategy for adding the module without making the underlying code work in mobile.