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Communicate transition of Graph/Graphoid to client-side only JavaScript feature
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What is the goal?

Ensure community members who have contributed graph UGC are aware that Graph/Graphoid is transitioning to a client-side only JavaScript feature and some functionality will be reduced, in order to reduce maintenance cost. We would like to ensure community members are aware that syntactic changes will likely be necessary in wikitext in order to continue function, or at least smooth function, in a number of cases.

How can we help you?

Communication via wikitech-ambassadors and appropriate wiki fora, as well as some targeted user outreach.

What does success look like?

Users are notified. Ideally one or two community members volunteer to assist with the transition of wikitext assets to work with Graph coincident with the software engineering contractor's work to transition the codebase.

What is your deadline?

There are several milestones. Note that we anticipate the contractor's contract to be 6-9 weeks in length.

  1. Getting early advance notice out in the next couple of weeks would be ideal.
  2. An interim notice to the community on the date the contractor will begin work (sourcing is still in flight, but it's likely 3-6 weeks before the start date at the time of this Phabricator support request) and where to go to follow along.
  3. Advance notice about first target wikis cutover date (probably 3-4 weeks after contractor starts).
  4. Advance notice for all wikis cutover date (probably 5-8 weeks after contractor starts).

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Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptOct 30 2019, 11:21 AM

@MarkTraceur I filed this request - you should probably be the one to manage the request given you'll be project managing the contractor, but let's discuss. Feel free to edit the request, as I may be not thinking holistically enough...or I may be thinking too holistically!

dr0ptp4kt updated the task description. (Show Details)Oct 30 2019, 11:23 AM
dr0ptp4kt updated the task description. (Show Details)
Elitre triaged this task as Medium priority.EditedOct 30 2019, 11:38 AM

Triaging, and waiting for Mark's reply as well. before assigning Thanks for filing!

In no particular order:

  • Hiring is ongoing, but we're close. Start date looks like it's still a few weeks out, however.
  • Based on advice we've gotten so far, I don't believe syntactic changes will be required. In theory, the system will Just Work™. If changes are needed, we don't know what they are yet, but I'd expect that to be part of the report as work is closed and before deployment occurs.
  • If we want to roll this out to particular wikis piecemeal, I'd love some help figuring out which ones should go first. I believe I've heard there are counts for graph usage per-wiki floating around somewhere, which may help.
Elitre assigned this task to Keegan.Nov 26 2019, 11:35 AM
Keegan added a comment.EditedDec 6 2019, 8:09 PM
  • If we want to roll this out to particular wikis piecemeal, I'd love some help figuring out which ones should go first. I believe I've heard there are counts for graph usage per-wiki floating around somewhere, which may help.


There's some more good data tidbits in there. I'll look more into ordering release next week.

Most of this work will be scoped to broadcasting the change once we've determined impact and rollout.

I think we'll need someone with better analytics skills than I have to help look at this, but I've been going over the data in the task link above. As stated there, only about 10 wikis are using most of the graphoid service. The largest that will be impacted, enwiki, is interesting. During the two-week measured frame it got the most hits for graphoid at over 21k requests. However, as @dr0ptp4kt found in T211881#5065149...

There's a grand total of 182 pages bearing <graph> in the source according to that primitive search query (that includes a low level of non-executing documentation).
113 are in User namespace. 39 of those invocations are in Article namespace. 8 are in Wikipedia namespace. 5 of them are in Template namespace; 4 of those 5 templates have just one article associated with them bearing the <graph> tag. The other 17 other usages of the tag are scattered about.

The most important offender likely being, which is used in nearly 1.2k articles.

I imagine the situation is like this for the other ten wikis. It'd be very helpful in messaging to know if indeed there are a few templates that are widely propagating <graph>, and if they can be updated or otherwise alerted to this change. It'd be helpful to be more targeted here in the communications so as to not avoid an unnecessary panic when the impact might be small.

@Keegan this task would welcome an update. TY!

Once a contractor is hired and onboarded to the project, we'll start the outreach to the few places actively using this tag. Still very much a WIP.

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