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Enable client error logging for Desktop Improvements Project and Vue.js search
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The Desktop Improvements Project and Vue.js search specifically will be making JavaScript changes. The project is rolling out to a fraction of wikis so we'd like to monitor errors on at least one target. This task tracks the work to either convert an existing tracked wiki to a target or identify a suitable wiki to enable tracking.

The current target wikis as noted in T249297 are:

Related to T258073.

Inapplicable wikis

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@ovasileva also mentioned enabling on Catalan Wikipedia was a possibility. This will have client side error event logging soon.

A couple of notes on the current state of client-side error logging on the Desktop Improvements/Vue.js search target wiki list:

I would recommend dropping office from the proposed targets. I fear traffic is too low on that wiki to be useful. As pointed out we have on test but traffic is too low there to be useful. People don't go to test wiki just to browse :)

I think a good short term goal would be coverage for all types of project given the fact each project runs different extensions - so enabling on wikiversity and wiktionary would be appealing to me from a strategic point of view :)

A couple of notes

Thank you!

I would recommend dropping office from the proposed targets.


enabling on wikiversity and wiktionary

@ovasileva, any objections? Can we raise priority on this task?

ovasileva triaged this task as Medium priority.Jul 19 2020, 10:59 AM
ovasileva added a project: Web-Team-Backlog.

@jlinehan I would like to request we enable this on Hebrew Wikipedia to get some RTL support as well as support for desktop improvements. I consider there to be one blocker to this which is T259371.

I'm in the process of fixing some high profile bugs that have more than halved the error count on Minerva (currently at 20k a minute down from 40k, and I expect this to drop to 10k-ish with the fix to ).

At time of writing 151,778 errors are coming into the event logging platform from all enabled wikis on the dashboard every 24hrs. I plan to have this reduced to 15,481 by some time next week. I believe with T259371 enabled the rate will drop even more and I am confident this will allow us to target Hebrew Wikipedia despite its size.

On mobile, when I look at the error count for Hebrew Wikipedia I see it is about 10x the amount of those on Catalan. With the new projected rate of 5,750 errors per day on Catalan (not including the fix to T259371), I suspect this means we could see up to 57,500 additional errors on Hebrew Wikipedia with the safe guard in place which would be well below the current rate.

What do you think? More than happy to work with you to make this happen.

What do you think?

Yeah absolutely, I think that sounds great. This is exactly the way I hoped we would be able to step up to the larger wikis. I'll triage T259371 for next week on my end, then we can try a step up to Hebrew Wikipedia. Thanks for all your work on this.

We are now enabled on Hebrew Wikipedia. Per "we'd like to monitor errors on at least one target" I am going to resolve this task.