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Add support for subsection subscriptions
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As they are currently implemented, topic subscriptions (T263820) enable people to subscribe to all of the new activity that happens within a H2 level section.

This task is about enabling people to have more control over the new activity they are notified about by enabling them to subscribe to specific subsections. [i]

Open questions

  • If you subscribe to a section, should a new comment in a subsection of that section trigger a notification? If yes, this makes it impossible to get notified about comments only in the first chunk of the section (its content before the first subsection).
  • 2. What happens if you reply in a subsection (=== ===) with Reply Tool and "Subscribe to section" is checked, do you subscribe to the subsection or the parent section?
  • 3. In the same situation, what if you're subscribed to a section and want to unsubscribe? If you answered "subsection" to the previous question, you won't be able to do it from the comment form.
  • 4. And if you want to subscribe to the subsection instead, there would be a duplication which may seem unnecessary. Also, if you're subscribed both to a section and its subsection and then unsubscribe from a subsection, the user should get some alert that they still watch the subsection via the section. Probably the other way around too.

Thank you to @Jack_who_built_the_house who inspired us to file this task and shared the questions above in the comment they posted on here:


Event Timeline


Level 3 heading subscriptions would be very useful on English Wikipedia pages such as redirects for discussion, categories for discussion, templates for discussion, and files for discussion, which all format their daily logs with an h2 for the date, and h3's for the nominated articles. This would also be helpful for requests for page protection/increase, which also uses h3's.


TfD sections are actually h4, but I agree that this would be very useful and much needed as subscribing to the h2 on these pages just isn't a valid option.