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Identify Design System hurdles & blockers and resolve open questions
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We face a number of design, logistical, and technical blockers that must be resolved as we move toward a unified design system.


1. Discuss known blockers and move toward resolution

In priority order:

  1. T266688 Tokens,
    1. and specifically tokens abstraction levels (question referring to granularity like global, alias and component tokens)
    2. T277616 Technical choice (CSS/preprocessor vars, JSON etc.)
    3. Related, but no priority from Volker's point of view now: Token presentation in Storybook
  2. T282625 Icon system architecture
  3. Typography
    1. T90687 Grid system
    2. T259639: Expand typography styles (if there's enough time)
  1. Tokens were clearly agreed on at designer workshop as way to go. Based on current WikimediaUI Base and learnings from WiKIt.
    1. Tokens abstraction has been discussed further at Dev Summit and is –without final agreement– being discussed in summit following taskforce T288780
    2. Technical choice of stylesheet vars has been seen critique from WMDE. Given current platform teams take in T277616 opening up seems counter-productive for several reasons
    3. Token presentation in design (Figma) and development resources (Storybook) has seen positive resonance, and is aimed in the mid-future of the library.
  2. Icon architecture was unanimously decided to go the newly proposed WVUI way with more freedom (color and size wise) and less central limitations
  3. Typography conversations didn't take place, we ran out of time.

2. Identify other hurdles for convergence towards one library


No further questions have been identified as blockers for coming library, but there are open questions like typography that will need future clarification.

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