VisualEditor: ISBN link labels (from magic words) can be changed, but not the underlying links


Change an ISBN.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open a page with a pre-existing ISBN number (using the magic word).
  1. Click in the link and open the link inspector.
  1. Correct the numbers in the ISBN.
  1. Close the link inspector.

Actual Results:
The link label does not change. This is not surprising, given VisualEditor's approach to links, but it is sometimes unfortunate; see

However, the link itself does not change, and if you have done nothing else, it is not possible to save the page, because you have supposedly made no changes.

Expected Results:
Ideal behavior:

Changing "ISBN 1234567890" to "ISBN 1234567891" simply updates the plain wikitext magic word.

Possibly acceptable behavior:

Changing "ISBN 1234567890" to "ISBN 1234567891" updates the link to [[Special:BookSources/1234567891|ISBN 1234567891]].

Reproducible: Always

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
See Also:

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Other recent examples of ISBN problems caused by VE (awful syntax, link incoherent with displayed ISBN, nowiki added) :

This is a recurring problem on frwiki.

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The Parsoid output does not look quite right to me:

<a href="./Special:BookSources/0345318641" rel="mw:ExtLink" data-parsoid='{"stx":"magiclink","dsr":[16,34,0,0]}'>ISBN 0-345-31864-1</a>

ExtLink? That href is for a WikiLink...

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