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Adding content to an empty table cell written in inline form results in the serialised wikitext being in the one-cell-per-line format
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Add a value to an empty cell in a table using VE

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. You need a page with a table with at least one empty cell (e.g.
  2. Open page for VE editing
  3. Double click on the empty cell, then add some text
  4. Show the wikitext diff in the save dialog

Actual Results:
In addition to the entered text a line-break is added

Expected Results:
No additional line-break

Reproducible: Always

Note that this does not happen for cells which already contains a value

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal

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Screenshot showing the result to the source of editing a filled and an empty cell using VE.


Screenshot_from_2014-04-01_12:12:32.png (339×1 px, 15 KB)

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Hmm, the difference seems to be that if you click once on the empty cell and start typing, VE doesn't wrap the text in a <p>,

<td data-parsoid="{&quot;stx_v&quot;:&quot;row&quot;,&quot;autoInsertedEnd&quot;:true,&quot;dsr&quot;:[38,41,2,0]}">haha</td>

However, doubling clicking and then typing does,

<td data-parsoid="{&quot;stx_v&quot;:&quot;row&quot;,&quot;autoInsertedEnd&quot;:true,&quot;dsr&quot;:[38,41,2,0]}"> <p>haha</p></td>

Serializing the paragraph introduces a newline which would break the row syntax, so Parsoid switches the other format. I suppose we could be smarter about the p/td nl constraints, or VE maybe avoid introducing the paragraph to begin with?

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Change 667411 had a related patch set uploaded (by Esanders; owner: Esanders):
[VisualEditor/VisualEditor@master] Use wrapper paragraphs in empty branch nodes

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[VisualEditor/VisualEditor@master] Use wrapper paragraphs in empty branch nodes

Change 670606 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bartosz Dziewoński; owner: Bartosz Dziewoński):
[mediawiki/extensions/VisualEditor@master] Update VE core submodule to master (145cf95d8)

Change 670606 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/VisualEditor@master] Update VE core submodule to master (145cf95d8)