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Upon completed translation you end up at api
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Screencast of bug

(On Editing a message from the "Suggestions from translation memories" takes you to upon completion.

To reproduce (or see attached screencast):

  1. Go to a message with similar messages in the translation memory (e.g. )
  2. Display the similar message (i.e. klicking on the blue dot).
  3. Edit the message in the pop-up
  4. Click Save

Version: unspecified
Severity: minor
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Are there any JavaScript errors in your browser's javascript console?

(In reply to Lokal_Profil from comment #2)

Ah. Good catch:
TypeError: mw.translateHooks is undefined

Line 164 of ext.translate.quickedit.js

Actually it's in there several times and defined in ext.translate.hooks.js so I'm guessing it's more involved.

And since I had the console up...

quickedit.js also seems to include the deprecated tooltipAccessKeyPrefix-call

The non-TUX ui is not getting any maintenance anymore.

  • Bug 57148 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
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:( No supported way to edit qqq. Perhaps it should be stated somewhere in the docs.

This is not about message documentation and deals with the deprecated non-TUX ui. Nothing to update in docs.

I confirm it happens with qqq as T54541. I can't confirm the part

Editing a message from the "Suggestions from translation memories"

because the "used X times" links don't do anything for me in TUX.

As the "used X times" link is still broken the only way of correcting similar messages is by leaving TUX, thus me encountering the bug. If that link is unbroken then I have no issue with marking this as invalid.

We will fix "used X times" (T47686) as well as improving translation search. It will take months though.

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