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Per-wiki customizable drop down menu for templates
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Apr 21 2015, 6:29 PM
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Apr 26 2016, 6:19 PM
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Like the (non-citoid) Cite menu, but with non-Cite templates as defined by each community. As suggested by Gerardduenas.

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This might be particularly handy for Wikivoyages, which use almost no templates except the Listings templates – and use those very heavily. Buttons for the listing templates are in the toolbar for the wikitext editor there:

tIlG9v.png (269×666 px, 27 KB)

The Russian Wikivoyage has a single listing template, {{listing}}, but they would like multiple entries in this menu (equivalent to {{listing |type=see}}, etc.). When this is resolved, we should talk to the Russian Wikivoyage about how to set this up for them.

This is also wanted at, which I believe has a similar sort of script for Vector for listing popular templates. (@Amire80 will have more information.)

I wonder if this really requires WMF devs to happen.

For templates that don't need to be filled, maybe not a drop down thing, but something à la mediawiki:edittools? (trying to tie this to a recent comment on

Maybe a local gadget? Gadgets should be able to add a button to the toolbar. I don't know if it's possible to add a drop-down menu, though. Wikivoyages would like to have about six templates, and there isn't necessarily room for six buttons on the toolbar.