VisualEditor: Provide some kind of template suggestion in the transclusion editor


Adam Cuerden says, "I believe the VE team intends to have a some one click solutions in the near future, including adding templates of your choice to a bar? Although I'd hope there'd also be a few automatic lists you could choose to pull up - cleanup templates, etc."

So, it would be really comfy for users if the template editor, beyond being able to let them select what they need by typing the name, asked "Which kind of template do you want to add?" and provided lists of the most used/popular ones, divided per set (cleanup templates, citation templates and so on).
Or just a way to store one's most used choices.

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A very quick mockup for quick access buttons

One idea I've had is to use some of the empty vertical space on the right of the dialog for some quick access buttons. See attachment for a 2 minute mockup of how this might look. The labels I've used in the mockup are not necessarily the right ones, they're just ones I quickly thought of.

Either the buttons could be set to allow one-click access to certain templates, or to be drop-down lists of similar related ones. Possibly the two could be combined - click to get the top item in the list, or click and hold for a moment to open the drop down for short list (almost certainly no more than 10, probably less than that) of similar ones.

Selecting any of these would have the same effect as typing the name into the search field, selecting it, and clicking to add the template.

A second idea would be to change the transclusion editor button from a simple button to a combined button/drop down as I described above. Here you could only have a single list but it could be longer. Selecting a template from this list would load the transclusion editor with that template preloaded into it.

Some way of customising either/both lists (beyond recently used) would be useful too.


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The main priority is a (very limited) suggestion of quick-inserting templates when in a reference, which is bug 50458.

This is certainly a possibility, but would probably want to be context-specific (so it only suggests clean-up templates when your cursors is at the top of the page; only suggests stubs when at the bottom; etc.).

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The more I use VE, the more I miss such a feature.

The challenge with it is that it's badly project-specific, so community editors will need an easy way to customize this list, but something like is already done for citation templates, so it should be possible for other templates as well.

This is one issue for which it's REALLY worth poking around Wikimedia projects in different languages to ask them what would they like in such a feature, and what current features they currently have that are similar to this. For example, the Hebrew Wikipedia has the Templateslist script ( ), which adds a dropdown with common templates to the Vector editing toolbar, and users there complain that they don't want to use VE because VE doesn't have such a list.

I'm not rushing - this requires proper research, understanding and design, but it should be somewhere in the roadmap.

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