Come up with an alternative to having multiple slugs (invitations to add a paragraph) next to each other that preserves editing capabilities
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While editing this article with Visual Editor, I found 4 invitations to add a new paragraph one after the other. As shown below it seems too many of them:

The article starts with several images, and that may be creating some confusion to VE.

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Yup, one for each of the floated-right block items in the context. The alternative is picking which point we 'allow' the user to insert content between images, which is worse.

It is not clear to me why there are just two alternatives. I was thinking on the following options instead:

  • Detect when there are several elements in a row and show the invitation to add a paragraph just once.
  • Avoid images (and similar elements) to trigger the new paragraph invite at all.

Those may require more effort than what is worth it for the value they provide (I'll leave that assessment to you), but I think today's technology seems powerful enough to not declare this problem unsolvable.

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Wrapping the list of images in a begin/end pair of templates solves the issue of multiple slugs, see:

The begin template is just <div> and the end template is just </div>. Just a pair of tags that has been split over two templates. Visual editor the matching pair of templates and all in between as a single transclusion, hence no slugs, let alone multiple slugs.

It also prevents you from editing the images visually… please don't do that :) It helps for the specific case nl.wp had a problem with (T161408), but unless the content you wrap is already mostly made up of templates, it will result in worse interface in VE (and it's clutter in the page source).