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@gerritbot not active anymore in Phabricator since Gerrit 2.12 upgrade
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It looks like since the 2.12 upgrade, @gerritbot does not add Patch-For-Review and a comment including a link to the patch URL anymore. See

Examples: or (the patches do include Bug: T9876543 in the commit message).

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(I just saw the email where @demon said that he's going to look at this after some sleep.)

Paladox edited projects, added GerritBot, Phabricator; removed Gerrit.Jul 25 2016, 8:18 AM

Added gerritbot and phabricator projects since the problem affects gerritbot but requires us to do something on phabricator end.

Paladox edited projects, added Gerrit; removed GerritBot.Jul 25 2016, 8:20 AM
Paladox edited projects, added GerritBot; removed Gerrit.

It seems there is a bug in phabricator.

It wont let me have both gerritbot and gerrit project.


It seems there is a bug in phabricator.
It wont let me have both gerritbot and gerrit project.

That is intentional - Gerritbot is a subproject of Gerrit.


Oh sorry, I didn't know that.

The token is already set, in the secret file.

Maybe it could be because we are on a new host that we forgot to move ~/.arcrc with it.

demon closed this task as Resolved.Jul 25 2016, 3:04 PM


@demon: Just for the record :P I assume it was the missing .arcrc file for the user, yes? :)

@Florian nope it was that a config in the all-project had to be set.

<ostriches> qchris: I turned the its plugin to true in All-Projects.

demon added a subscriber: QChris.Jul 25 2016, 3:11 PM

Nope! The phabricator-its plugin doesn't use .arcrc. Gerrit required it be set to "enabled" in the All-Projects repository. This is counter-intuitive! If you install a plugin, wouldn't you want it installed?! Anyway, one second fix once I was pointed in the right direction. Thanks @QChris :)

Ah, great, good to know :) Thanks for the prompt answer :P