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Consider not using icons in Modern and CologneBlue skins for notifications
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In general these suck. I propose that instead of using icons we simply use text labels like "Alerts: #" and "Notices: #". I don't think we should even bother opening the flyout on these skins, and just send them to Special:notifications directly since it no longer sucks (it's awesome!)

I think this will reduce the amount of work we need to do to properly support these skins in the long run.


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I don't think we're going to get rid of those icons. We might consider not displaying them for non-vector, I guess. Input from @Catrope, @jmatazzoni and @Pginer-WMF ?

Right, keeping the icons in MonoBook-based skins (Vector and MonoBook), but get rid of them in everything else (CologneBlue and Modern effectively)

The proposal sounds good to me.

My only question is: if we are sending people to the Notification page where alerts and notices are presented together, do we need two separate badges in this case?

On the one hand, it feels weird to provide two separate entry points targeting the same exact destination. On the other hand, providing one single entry point won't facilitate the user decision process on whether to interrupt the current activities to check urgent notifications or read them at her own pace for less urgent notifications.

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Change 345969 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bartosz Dziewoński):
[mediawiki/extensions/Echo@master] Do not use fancy styled badge on Modern and CologneBlue

The patch above keeps the flyout and the two links, but it makes them simple text instead of icons.

Some of the flyout styles are a bit messed up, but it's not a new issue, and the flyout is functional.

BeforeBefore (with flyout)AfterAfter (with flyout)

Change 345969 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/Echo@master] Do not use fancy styled badge on Modern and CologneBlue

Change 346343 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mooeypoo):
[mediawiki/extensions/Echo@master] Use formatted text label for echo badge icons in different skins

matmarex triaged this task as Low priority.Apr 5 2017, 3:29 PM

Change 346343 abandoned by Mooeypoo:
[wip] Use formatted text label for echo badge icons in different skins

Deprioritized; if anyone wants to pick this back up (and see how to also fix the bug that the code is blocked on) feel free.

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Patch was reverted due to T162173.

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T226503 (and its outcome T226594) are probably another reason to consider this.

Isarra added a subscriber: Isarra.Jun 27 2019, 3:01 PM

Probably the best way to do this is to just add an option skins can enable (or just a very specific thing to override/kill) to make it all text-based. I doubt this would actually make sense as a thing to make default for all skins, as many other third-party skins do indeed use icons, and a lot more heavily than, say, MonoBook or Vector, but having it as an option for these specific ones (and any others people make like them) would be good...

And while we're at it could we add an option to make it a single icon/link? As text there'd not be much use having them separate since they both just go to the same place in the end, and holy crap is having two icons bad for mobile in a lot of cases.

I checked how icons in CologneBlue and Modern look like (comparing it with the screenshots in

"You have new messages" is partially obscured
somewhat hard to see blue (active) color for Notices against blue background

Giving that this task has been of exploratory kind and that CologneBlue and Modern skins are not actively supported, I mark the task as 'External'.