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Map internationalization: Szeged shown as Segedin
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An example of the internationalized map failing.

For the Hungarian city Szeged the international maps in English as well as Norwegian shows the name of the town as Segedin. It looks from the OpenStreetMap (see ) as if it is taken from the name:sr-Latn tag.
Note that there is no name:en tag for that relation.

The map in Norwegian:
This is also how it appears without any "lang" setting in no.wikipedia

Without any "lang" setting the name is presented as Szeged for

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Moving to kartotherian, if it should be on tilerator or maps-style move it.

This task needs checking if this is a bug or if it is just the complex language fallback chain doing its thing.

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For lang=en or no lang set it currently shows Szeged on I tried setting lang= for serveral other languages, with or without any fallbacks shown at fallbacks.json, and no localized name defined at n30453579. They all showed up as "Segedin" ("name:sr-Latn" key value).

Lately I came across another example: before I added name:et key to OSM object n424314631 it showed up as "Columbia" for lang=et (still does for zoom levels 0–9 that haven't been updated for a while). No fallbacks for "et", OSM object has "Columbia" as key value for four different languages.

It seems if name is not translated for OSM object then localized Wikimedia tile shows name in more or less random translated language for which the key value may or may not match "name" key, while it should pick up "name" key value if there are no fallbacks.

Edit: Another significant example: for several languages currently not set at n107775 and without fallbacks (like da, et, hr, id, sl) London displays as "Londra".