'Potential Issues' flagged in Page Curation Toolbar Page Info flyout
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As far as I can see, the page curation tool is supposed to flag 'potential issues' in the 'Page info' section of the toolbar (or at least this is what was intended when it was being made https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Page_Curation#Flyout:_Page_Info). This info is currently visible from the NewPagesFeed, but not from the toolbar. This functionality seems to be nonexistent and was either never implemented properly, or has become bugged and broken. It should contain things like 'Blocked user', 'Orphaned', 'No categories', as well as the ORES stuff that has been added recently: 'Possible Vandalism', 'Possible Spam', 'Possible attack page', and 'Possible Copyvio' which is currently being added to New Pages Feed (this last one should also have a link to the Copyvios report).

When a page has issues it should be flagged with a red number on the Page Info Icon as shown in the mockups at the link above.

Requested here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Page_Curation/Suggested_improvements#84._'Potential_Issues'_flagged_in_Page_Curation_Toolbar_Page_Info_flyout

Additional tie-ins with other requests:

This should include additional flags that have been requested: T207757 (Potential COI) and T189929 (Previously Deleted), with links to the previous AfDs displayed prominently if they exist (or else a link to the deletion log if there was no AfD). In addition, a flag for T157048 (converted from redirect), and the converse (converted to redirect) added as a potential issue for redirects.

Additionally, when the reviewer notes system is completed (T207452) This should be tied in as well, with a prominent notification that there are reviewer's comments on the talk page.