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[4 hours] Flag talk page feedback in toolbar
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Value proposition

From original task description:

What often happens is that reviewers will put some partial effort into reviewing an article, and the give up after hitting a roadblock and being unsure. An ability to write a comment on the talk page that is automatically flagged by the toolbar if another reviewer loads the page would be ideal.

As part of T207443: Feedback for creator should also be posted to article talk page, the comment in the review field is already posted on the article talk page with a dedicated section heading (Feedback from New Page review process - template/configurable by community?). This task is for flagging the presence on feedback on the talk page in the toolbar.

Acceptance criteria:

  • If a reviewer lands on a page in the feed that has talk page feedback (as provided via T207443), the Info flyout should flag that -


    • Text: Previous reviewers of this article left comments on the talk page. (The words talk page link to the feedback section on the talk page).
  • The text does not show up if there is no prior feedback.


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@Insertcleverphrasehere: Adding PageCuration project tag so this task can be found when looking at PageCuration tasks at . No need to add team tags like Growth-Team; that is up to each team (or automatic filters).

The script could either look for a certain header, or we could have a template {{reviewer comments}} that it searches for. Either way would work.

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We discussed several ideas in the estimation meeting, including but probably not limited to:

1. Parsing the talk page, looking for the section title (which will probably be something like "Feedback from reviewer" or something)

  • Easy-ish
  • Will usually work because new pages probably don't have much talk page activity


  • It's fragile -- discussion could have been archived, or the title manipulated
  • If we use a community-maintained template for talk page messages, we have to first parse it to know what to look for
  • Possibly slow in some cases

2. New API module called after the message is sent that stores the revision ID as a tag

  • Should be accurate because we store the revision ID and can provide a link to the diff
  • Do not need any knowledge of the community-maintained template for talk page messages
  • No performance impact


  • We have to build a new API module
  • Database storage

Looking into this further, I am going to recommend another approach:

3. Searching history by edit summary

  • Easier than the above two options
  • Less fragile than using regular expressions on the full content
  • Community can still use a customized template for the message. The edit summary will always be the same (or have some aspect to it that's consistent)
  • Faster than parsing wikitext
  • enough that we shouldn't need to pre-store anything
  • We will have the revision ID on hand so we can link to the diff


  • ???

For #3, we will need to introduce a standardized edit summary ("... using Page Curation"), but this trivial to do.

Per our standup, even better:

4. Add a change tag to the edit that adds the message

Same as #3 except faster, more proper, less hacky, etc.

We should tag all edits made using Page Curation. For this ticket, we need only to look for edits with this tag on the talk page, since there aren't any other types of Page Curation edits made on article talk pages.

If it helps it also doesn't need to look beyond the last 500 talk page edits and really I can't actually imagine anything past 50 being useful - if an article is getting that much talkpage attention it's likely going to be patrolled already or else isn't patrolled for some other reason. I would anticipate in the overwhelming number of uses cases this will be one of if not the first edit to the talk page - in most cases wikiproject banners are all that are on a talk page when it is patrolled.

If we go with the revision tag idea, it'd of course only be possible to show talk page feedback added since this new feature becomes active. Is that okay?

@Samwalton9 This is a new capability so there is no existing talk page feedback to show.

Ping @Samwilson - wrong sam pinged before.