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Feedback for creator should also be posted to article talk page
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Value proposition

When tagging an article with Page Curation, you have the option to 'add a message to creator'. It has been suggested that these messages should also be added to the talk page in a new section. This would ensure that reviewers are able to see context for tags present on the page and also be able to follow-up on comments made by past reviewers.


There is a possible risk of the conversation being fragmented because of the same message being in two places instead of one. The reviewers agree on this not being a big problem.

Required changes:

  • Change Add a message for the creator (optional): to instead be Add a message for the creator. This message will also be posted to the article talk page.
  • Replace the placeholder in the input box with: Write a helpful note for $username and future reviewers.
  • When a user adds a comment in the input box and submits it, the message is posted to both the creator's talk page and the article's talk page.
  • For the article talk page message:
    • Section heading: Feedback from New Page review process
    • Message: I left the following feedback for the creator/future reviewers while reviewing this article: $message. -- Signed by $reviewer
    • Question: Can this be a community-controlled template?
  • If a new reviewer comes along and leaves another message, the message gets added to the same section if the section already exists. Otherwise a new section is created.


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@Insertcleverphrasehere: Adding PageCuration project tag so this task can be found when looking at PageCuration tasks at . No need to add team tags like Growth-Team; that is up to each team (or automatic filters).

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It appears the CommTech team is working on this.

Niharika renamed this task from Tagging Feedback in Page Curation Tools should also be sent to talk page to Feedback for creator should also be posted to article talk page.Tue, Jun 4, 5:31 PM
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@Barkeep49 @Insertcleverphrasehere It would be helpful if you could glance at the task description and verify if it fulfills what was requested. Thank you!

@Niharika that seems to capture what was requested from my perspective but ICPH did a lot more on that front and so I would defer to him should he say differently.

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