Tagging Feedback in Page Curation Tools should also be sent to talk page
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When tagging an article with Page Curation, you have the option to 'add a message to creator'. It has been suggested that these messages should also be added to the talk page in a new section with a canned message such as: "A New Page Reviewer has left feedback for the creator of this article. The following extract may also be of relevance to other editors in improving this page: (Message to creator here)"

This would avoid issues where the context for tags isn't recorded on the talk page, or where the creator of a later-expanded redirect is accidentally sent the message instead of the content creator.

Requested here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Page_Curation/Suggested_improvements#54._Send_feedback_to_talk_page

See task T207452 as an extension of this talk page system.