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Homepage: re-wording on mobile main page
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As part of the mobile homepage design we noticed an overlapping between the wording of the header title of the Homepage ("Hello, [username]") and the one on the current version of the mobile Main page ("Welcome, [username]").

For our treatment group we want to change the mobile Main page header copy from "Welcome, [username]!" to "Welcome to Wikipedia!"
Reasons for the change:

  • we want to send users to the Homepage after account creation (see T222852)
  • re-wording would help keep consistency with the header in the desktop version of the Main page.

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This would be the expected result:

@MMiller_WMF I'd like to discuss a specification detail before moving the task to "Ready for development": currently the "Welcome, [username]!" header in the mobile Main page is only shown to logged-in users. It actually makes sense to show a welcome message right after login. But if we are planning to send users to the Homepage not only after account creation but also after login, then the welcome message on the Main page would probably be redundant.

  • How do you feel about sending users to the Homepage after login?

@Cntlsn and I talked about this, and we were thinking that perhaps the most valuable part of having the username on the main page is to make it clear to users that they are logged in. Perhaps a message like "Logged in as [username]" would be better.

We decided that this is on hold until we've gotten farther on T222847, which changes the main page to bring users to the homepage. We'll think about that feature for mobile, and changing the copy would be incorporated in that design.

RHo added a subscriber: RHo.

Removing the Design tag since this is a copy change only that is pending decision.