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Newcomer tasks: article configurations for topics (kowiki)
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The task is to complete T233465 for Korean Wikipedia. We want to have this by Sept 27.


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Sep 27 2019, 7:00 AM

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Marshall, the spreadsheet says "Literature", which literature is it -- 1? 2? Possible translation of Literature includes "The body of all written works", "The collected creative writing of a nation, people, group or culture." and a different meaning for "materials and records to understand old systems and civilizations".

Thanks for asking, @revi. I think I mean definition #1. The people who select this should be the kind of people who like books and reading. They want to contribute to articles about books, novels, plays, poems, and, authors. Does that make sense?

Mostly done - one or two topics have missing article id 5, those are that I couldn't think of 5th topics.

One request (also noted on the spreadsheet: Please change the translation of Literature to 문학. It just keeps confusing me and will keep confusing me if it continues that way.

@revi -- thanks for finishing the spreadsheet. It is fine to not have 5 articles for all the topics.

I think that the main place to change that translation is in Translatewiki for the welcome survey's translations. Are you able to change it there? Once it's changed there, we can change it on the spreadsheet.