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Additional Filters for Media Search
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User story: During research it became clear that media search might be even more useful to users with the addition and adjustment of a few filters.

We have this: Currently we have one filter "Media Size"

We want this:
Explore adding and adjusting the following filters

  • Change "Media Size" to "Image Size" and have it only show up for the images tab.
  • File type filter that allows users to select what file type they want to see based on which tab they are on. For example ".jpg", ".svg" when on the image tab, ".ogg" on the audio tab or ".webm" and ".ogv" on the video tab. You wouldn't see image file types on the audio or video tab and vice versa.
  • Sort by filter that defaults to "relevancy" which is our current ranking but also allows seeing the results ordered by "Most recent" (based on date posted) or "Most Viewed". This would show up for all tabs
  • A license type filter that allows users to only see results that have a certain license type. This would only show up on Images, Audio, and Video. The license type filter should have the following options:
    1. "Use with attribution" - this is everything with the CC-BY license
    2. "Use with attribution and same license" - this is everything with the CC BY-SA license
    3. "No restrictions" - this is everything that's either CC0 or in the public domain
    4. "Other" - everything else
  • Categories tab would only have the sort by filter

They can behave and look like the "media size" filter:

During development, please test the following:

  • Test this feature while logged in AND logged out
  • Test this feature on at least one mobile browser
  • Test that this feature works on the file page AND the Add Data step on UploadWizard (if applicable, some features only exist on one or the other)