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Create logging instrumentation for Wikitext editor not affected by ad blockers
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Per T251464#6182776 and T240697#6217971, it's impossible for us to see how many edits are coming from users without JS because of ad blockers and tracking blockers that block sending data via EventLogging. We should implement some sort of simplistic poor-man's client-side logging for the Wikitext editor specifically for seeing what percentage of completed edits are coming from editors with JavaScript disabled (T240697).

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kaldari created this task.Sep 21 2020, 10:54 PM
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For what it's worth the Modern Event Platform endpoint (see wikitech:Event_Platform/EventGate) is not yet blocked by uBlock Origin (and probably not by others either) when I recently checked. This could be reason enough to up the priority on migrating EditAttemptStep schema to MEP? cc @jlinehan @sdkim