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Not possible to add new statements with any Math properties
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It seems it is currently not possible to add new statements with the math datatype. Because of some still unknown error, the js frontend is using {"value":"a + b","type":"unknown"} in its requests, both for wbformatvalue and wbsetclaim.

This might have started with -wmf.11, but it could also be that this is when T266493 started to happen.

Editing the value (in the existing statement) is not possible as well.

Reproducing the issue: edit and try to save the changed value. Observe the error preventing saving of the new value.

The reason seems to be this change:


  • For local reproduction Math extension needs to be installed/enabled
  • It has been speculated the issue might have been related to some broken "wiring" of data types

Acceptance criteria

  • it is possible to add statements with the math data type again

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Comparing the request pattern for strings vs the math datatype highlights the issue.

String (parse then format){"lang":"en"}{"value":"23","type":"string"}&generate=text/html; disposition=verbose-preview&property=P95180&errorformat=plaintext&uselang=en&options={"lang":"en"}

Math (only a format with the JS specifically stating the value is unknown as no parse has happened ){"value":"23","type":"unknown"}&generate=text/html; disposition=verbose-preview&property=P719&errorformat=plaintext&uselang=en&options={"lang":"en"}

I was debugging this issue. However, I don't know where to start searching for the problem I was looking at However, I was unable to identify the key difference between Math and all the other data types, that are still functional.

I tried testing it on and it still doesn't work. Is that expected because we have to wait for wmf-18?

In case it helps: I had been able again to add math values for some time last week, but now it fails again.

As @Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE mentioned in mattermost, there seems to have been a regression in wmf.16 and we will need to backport the revert in T266671 back up. The permanent fix should be rolling out with wmf.18.

It probably makes sense to wait with verifying this until next week, so that we verify not just the backported revert (wmf.16) but also the proper fix (wmf.18).

Wikidata has wmf.18 now and it seems to work fine.