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Remove wmgExtraLanguageNames from Wikimedia production
Open, Needs TriagePublic


Time was, extra language codes for Wikidata labels were added by adding them to the wmgExtraLanguageNames in the wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php (for the wikidata dblist and later also commonswiki). This was bad for several reasons, and so we eventually moved that configuration to Wikibase (T260118: Move content of $wgExtraLanguageNames on Wikidata to default Terms languages). However, soon afterwards we added the wmgExtraLanguageNames back to the production config (T264295: Reinstate $wgExtraLanguageCodes in production). We would like to remove it again to avoid confusion and issues – for instance, T272242: Language code "dag" for Dagbani does not work for lexemes happened because the language code 'dag' was added to the Wikibase list but not the wmgExtraLanguageNames.

Removing the production wmgExtraLanguageNames is blocked on at least two tasks: