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<Tech Initiative> Improving Databases in MediaWiki
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Request Status: New Request
Request Type: project support request
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Request Title: Improving Databases in MediaWiki

  • Request Description: In the past year, the majority of general outages have been caused by databases and if we mediawiki continues to stay like this, it will be more and more. Beside that, basically any major increase in data of Commons is also not possible and will cause major issues.
  • Indicate Priority Level: High
  • Main Requestors: @Ladsgroup @LSobanski
  • Ideal Delivery Date: Next quarter
  • Stakeholders: @WDoranWMF @Marostegui

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Event Timeline

Based on an initial review done, this is likely to be over a year of effort.

Discussion Topics for Tech Steering Committe:

  • We will need to review to see where this falls in priority for this fiscal year, given that we are already oversubscribed.
  • If we do prioritize, should we ideally look to finish anything of the list that has been started first, before we proceed with the recommended priority order, that way we have less WIP and open items.

January 19, 2022 Tech Steering Committee:

  • Kate C.: team reviewed this request and Tim and Timo felt that this has performance implications so it is reasonable to support it, but estimated at least 1 year of effort.
  • Ideal to prioritize list by quarter and start with the currently open items:
  • Mark B.: open to working this way and break down into chunks
  • Kate C. - some migrations can take months and months to run, while others need active work

Action Items:

  • Mark B.: will look at breaking down by quarter and closing open items, also triage by risk
  • ask Tim and Amir to break-down
DAbad renamed this task from Improving Databases in MediaWiki to <Tech Initiative> Improving Databases in MediaWiki.Jan 20 2022, 6:51 PM

I was asked to break this down to work that can be done in a quarter. It depends on the number of people being put on this but I give it a try here:

Q3 (including some ongoing work)






This is very rough and ofc will change according to new stuff coming up.

Another way of seeing it is through lens of three value mini-streams: revision metadata, links normalization, rdbms code quality.