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Normalize pagelinks table
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Wikistories queries the pagelinks table directly to surface stories associated with articles. I'll keep an eye on this task so we can migrate our code when the time comes.

FYI, T312666: Remove duplication in externallinks table is wrapping up. I will be starting this next quarter. Thankfully given that LinksMigration class and the whole infra of linktarget exist, it should be less work to migrate mediawiki bits.

@Ladsgroup if we have to do significant migrations on that entire table.. have we considered T14019: ifexist function uses pagelinks table in lieu of better options which also scores high in the wishlists every year ?

Yeah, I was contacted by CommTech about it. I wrote my ideas on T14019#7665054. I don't think it's doable in part of pagelinks work, it really needs its own table. It can use the linktarget from the get go but it's a different project altogether. It just needs dedicated resources.