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Unable to fetch Parsoid HTML
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Steps to replicate the issue:

What happens?:
"Unable to fetch Parsoid HTML"

What should have happened instead?:
VisualEditor launches.

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Nardog triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.Tue, Jan 30, 8:00 AM

Can replicate this on Chinese Wikipedia when using the reply tool.

I have the same issue when trying to use the reply tool on any talk page

At this point in time, the fault disappeared. Needs further observation.

Nardog lowered the priority of this task from Unbreak Now! to Needs Triage.Tue, Jan 30, 8:24 AM

Also had this issue in the morning, not sure whether in VE or not but it was tied with the enWikipedia reply tool.

So both VisualEditor and DiscussionTools were affected, which in the "old days" would mean that RESTBase or the Parsoid/JS server were having problems, but in the "new days" both of those use direct Parsoid access, so it must have been some issue with the main action API servers? But no other core services reported issues, and I don't think we ever found any logs, indicating that the problem was pretty high up in the stack and not actually getting into core or Parsoid (or core?) code.

A bit of a mystery, and without logs or the ability to reproduce there isn't much more to go on. As @Cwek says, "needs further observation".

I don't think anyone is going to investigate this under these circumstances, so let's close it. We should reopen if it reoccurs.