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Echo: Support cross-wiki notifications
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May 23 2014, 1:06 AM
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Some users have activities to cross-wikis, but in this time, Echo only works in local wiki. So users could not receive other wiki's notification in their home-wiki. We already have email notification, but I think global echo notification is also good for better experience.

See Also: T3066: Please add cross-wiki talk page notification.



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Thanks for filing a bug about this.

Legoktm: Is there some in-progress development code?

(In reply to JuneHyeon Bae (devunt) from comment #2)

Legoktm: Is there some in-progress development code?

Not any that I'm aware of.

I seem to recall me and Kunal discussed this back in January and realised it would involve dealing with things like checking revdel flags across wikis, among other things

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Let us assume that some user is highly active on two projects (A and B), but his home-project is A. So it would be nice, that on A he could get all project notifications, except for B (so the notification bar isn't so backlogged).

Would it be possible? Of course, this could be implemented in later, not together with cross-wiki notifications itself.

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Developers discussed this in 2015-09-09 RFC office hour, from minutes:

@Legoktm to write up and add notificationwiki proposal to RfC

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