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Disable TextExtracts on file pages
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Trying to obtain a text extract for a foreign file
doesn't work and requesting an extra for a foreign file is not necessarily useful..


  • When an extract is request for a file (local or foreign):
  • An error is returned.
  • No extract is returned.

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@Jdlrobson: Should this be generalised to something like "Don't return extracts for pages outside of the content namespace(s)"?

@phuedx I don't think that's wise at this time since file pages have a clear problem but there may be consumers who use TextExtracts for talk pages/portal pages etc... but we could generalise it so we can easily configure this for other namespaces.

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we missed estimating this because we hide low priority tasks. Shame!

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An error is returned.

What kind of error did you have in mind, @phuedx?

Change 363850 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bmansurov; owner: Bmansurov):
[mediawiki/extensions/TextExtracts@master] Return empty extract for articles in File namespace

phuedx added a comment.Jul 7 2017, 5:27 PM

Quoting myself from IRC:

i suppose it could be a warning
but generally, if we're going to not generate an extract because the client has requested one for a file page
then we should probably warn 'em
like: "hey. we're not going to do that! :D :D :D lol"
^ actual copy

What I mean is this, if we're not returning an extract for some reason, then we should notify the user as to why. This could be either an error or a warning.

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Change 363850 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/TextExtracts@master] Return empty extract for articles in File namespace

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@phuedx I see the following warning when I visit the URL you pasted and make a request:

"warnings": {
        "extracts": {
            "*": "\"exlimit\" was too large for a whole article extracts request, lowered to 1.\nExtract for a title in File namespace was requested, none returned."

Is the warning in the wrong place? Did you want me to output it somewhere else?

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Mibad! 👍