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[EPIC] Portal Production release: bug fixes and small updates
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This is a ticket to describe what we'll be releasing into production, probably in early April 2016.

It contains mostly bug fixes and minor updates from our March 10, 2016 production release of the new search box on the portal page. Too much left padding in search box search box language dropdown is invisible using Opera 12 Portal: search suggestions are not continually updated when a parenthesis is in search query Multiple redirects to the same result throw an error Multi-line title or description causes visual overflow Make the entire suggestion clickable Search Suggestions API call doesn't need the list=prefixsearch parameter

Adding these as well - will edit them out later if they won't make this production release: Redirects produce non-obvious search results Typeahead suggestions sometimes freeze on results for incomplete search query

Event Timeline

This was deployed in the afternoon of April 14, 2016.