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Requesting +2 rights for Mediawiki Group for Ammarpad
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Jul 28 2020, 12:00 AM
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@Ammarpad has made invaluable contributions consistently to MediaWiki since January 2019, clocking in 350 patches and engaging in > 200 code reviews over a wide variety of extensions including many of the extensions and skins I maintain (Vector, MobileFrontend).

Most recently he has been supporting the desktop refresh initiative by providing much needed support in deprecation efforts to modernize the skin ecosystem and architecture ( MediaWiki-Core-Skin-Architecture ).

During this work, I've been very impressive with Ammarpad's great understanding and care with helping us ensure the changes to skins have kept compatibility with extensions. He has shown great knowledge in diagnosing and fixing sometimes non-intuitive regressions (T255444, T256272) when they have arisen, but also helpfully identifying bugs before they've managed to hit production: e.g. T252052. All my interactions have been civil and constructive. This is someone that cares about our mission, cares about the quality of our code and cares about other volunteers.

Following this, I would like to request +2 privileges for Ammarpad for the mediawiki group to provide support to other volunteer developers. I think @Ammarpad has shown enough maturity that he can be trusted with such responsibilities and be an asset to us in our code review efforts.

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Heh, I also thought about creating this very task three days ago when looking into T199385#6334801:
Ammarpad performed 127 code reviews in the last 6 months, 48 of them in MediaWiki Core.

hashar added a subscriber: hashar.

Seems there is ample consensus by a large amount of trusted people. I have added @Ammarpad to the mediawiki group.

hashar claimed this task.