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1.37.0-wmf.6 deployment blockers
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May 17 2021, 12:00 AM

2021 week 20 1.37-wmf.6 Changes wmf/1.37.0-wmf.6

This MediaWiki Train Deployment is scheduled for the week of Monday, May 17th:

Monday May 17thTuesday, May 18thWednesday, May 19thThursday, May 20thFriday
Backports only.Branch wmf.6 and deploy to Group 0 Wikis.Deploy wmf.6 to Group 1 Wikis.Deploy wmf.6 to all Wikis.No deployments on fridays

How this works

  • Any serious bugs affecting wmf.6 should be added as subtasks beneath this one.
  • Any open subtask(s) block the train from moving forward. This means no further deployments until the blockers are resolved.
  • If something is serious enough to warrant a rollback then you should bring it to the attention of deployers on the #wikimedia-operations IRC channel.
  • If you have a risky change in this week's train add a comment to this task using the Risky patch template
  • For more info about deployment blockers, see Holding the train.

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Event Timeline

thcipriani triaged this task as Medium priority.
thcipriani updated Other Assignee, added: dancy.

Just noting this as a "risky" change the train deployers should eb aware of,.


What it does/What it's risky:
This standardizes HTML markup for all skins. There is a small risk that for gadgets/extensions trying to replicate skins that there may be visual regressions like the one raised in T283014 relating to font-size changes.

Test Plan:
We didn't have automated visual regression testing so most testing has been done manually. We think we've covered most of them.

Places to Watch for Breakage
Village pumps, Phabricator.

Revert Plan: No need to take any action, or to block train for these issues. Please merge any tickets into T283014 and set expectations they will be dealt with in the next train.

Wikis Affected: All

I haven't followed the finish up of 1.37.0-wmf.5 today but it got pushed to all wikis so that is a thing. I will catch up with the events from last week and the risky patch (thank you @Jdlrobson !).

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-05-18T12:04:26Z] <hashar> scap clean 1.37.0-wmf.1 1.37.0-wmf.3 and 1.37.0-wmf.4 # T281147

Change 692951 had a related patch set uploaded (by Hashar; author: Hashar):

[operations/mediawiki-config@master] Revert "group1 wikis to 1.37.0-wmf.6"

Change 692951 merged by jenkins-bot:

[operations/mediawiki-config@master] Revert "group1 wikis to 1.37.0-wmf.6"

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-05-19T18:20:48Z] <hashar@deploy1002> rebuilt and synchronized wikiversions files: Revert group1 wikis to 1.37.0-wmf.6 T281147

I have been delayed by some other things. I have +2ed the two backports patches , once merged I will deploy them and promote group 1 wikis again.

I have pushed it to the rest of the wikis. I have found T283282: PHP Deprecated: ignored an error originally raised from WikiPage::insertOn (Lock wait timeout exceeded) which is a deprecation warning and as such does not seem to be a blocker.

hashar added a subscriber: Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE.

In the list of blocker there is T283240 but that is a subtask / followable action to the blocker T283170 which has been resolved. So it is merely a follow actionable, at least that is how I understand it and got confirmed to me by @Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE (Danke!).

Backend log errors are quiet. The client side log dashboard does not seem to show any surge or spike as part of the new version reaching the rest of wikis. So I guess we are set.

If any issue arise please reopen and reach out to release engineering (on Libera chat irc network) to get it rolled back.

I am not there on Monday (holiday).