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[Partner Wikis] Run CentralNotice campaign inviting Usability Improvements feedback
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This task represents the work involved with running a CentralNotice campaign inviting volunteers at partner wikis (T296357) to review and share feedback about the Topic Container design prototype(s).


Targeting Criteria

  • Projects:,,,,,,
    • Phase 1:,, and
    • Phase 2:,,,
  • Platforms: Mobile and Desktop
  • Account status (logged in/out): Logged in users
  • User experience level: People who make, on average, >1 edit/month
  • Percentage of audience: 50%
  • Geolocation: Worldwide (read: all countries)
  • User interface languages: All
  • Campaign duration: 4 days

Central Notice Design
Banner will be designed in T301594.

CentralNotice Request


Open Question(s)

  • What Usability Improvements designs will we ask Senior Contributors to evaluate as part of this campaign? Topic Containers? Topic Containers, Clear Affordances/Visual Cues, and Page Frame? This question emerged in T293520#7802199.
    • We are going to invite Senior Contributors to review all Usability Improvements within one prototype that we are building in T305655.


  • A CentralNotice campaign request is filed that expresses the ===Requirements above
  • A CentralNotice campaign is run that meets the ===Requirements above

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ppelberg renamed this task from [Partner Wikis] Run CentralNotice campaign inviting Topic Container feedback to [Partner Wikis] Run CentralNotice campaign inviting Usability Improvements feedback .Apr 8 2022, 5:53 PM

There are more features to show, so we're going to re-write the landing page and advertise this in bnwiki, kowiki, and next.