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Allow users to create custom notifications onwiki
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Oct 30 2013, 5:39 AM
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Basically allow users onwiki to create custom types of notifications and send them. Right now they can only be sent via software actions that call EchoEvent::create and register various hooks.

Usecase: sane notifications for XfD, your file needs categories!, comment on this RfC please, etc.

Need some kind of structure for each notification: notification text, email template, image? category, priority, etc.

A special page which lets a user send out notifications, based on the types that are already set up.

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The WMF core features team tracks this bug on Mingle card, but people from the community are welcome to contribute here and in Gerrit.

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These seems like thing a bot or author would currently drop a message on your User talk page, long term Flow is intended to start handling these use cases but there is no timeline yet.

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Duplicate's description:

(Based on an interesting internal conversation about how to warn people about a new feature or a survey.)

The idea of a Community Notification Board is to give a way for communities to create Notifications concerning community announcements (like RFCs, events, elections...). Some communities sometimes use the SiteNotice to have a community announcement, which is difficult and too big for daily life.

To avoid spam, each request on the Community Notification Board would be validated by admins (or an other role). Some "how to use" advice should be suggested to communities when it will be deployed and all possible notifications provided by this tool would be mutable on user preferences.

This feature would replace the Community announcement boards which exist on certain wikis, and increase participation, like helping a small but active community to built a real community.

That feature may be used by WMF too, for a new feature to test or a survey to answer.

Use case on the French Wikipedia: push fr:Wikipédia:Annonces to Echo.

This is a concrete example validating the more generic use case found by @Trizek-WMF in previous comment.

The people working on the copyvio detection bot here at Wikimedia-Hackathon-2016 also want to be able to send people Echo notifications about things being flagged as copyvio.

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A use-case form non-wikimedia wikis would be: being able to create notification types to be triggered when pages are created having certain criteria; such as a specific category or in a specific namespace.

For example in our organisation we use mediawiki for our documentation and have a namespace for minutes of meetings. We'd like all users to be notified when a new page in the MoMs namespace is created.

We'd like the wiki administrator to be able to create such a notification, and turn it on by default for all users, with email notification also enabled.

Similar to what's described in

@ahmad Thanks for the use-case description.
Just fyi, that page you linked is unrelated to this feature (the more recent Echo/Notifications system is currently distinct from the ancient "enotif" (email notification) system). Also fyi, the current list of requested new notification-types for Echo is at T125653: Create new types of notifications (of which this is a subtask) and semi-duplicated onwiki at

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