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Replace TimedMediaHandler's use of deprecated jQuery UI with OOUI
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TimedMediaHandler's use of jQuery UI adds a set of additional loads to any page that has timed media on it. This is (a) ugly and (b) expensive in terms of client time/network/CPU.

Instead, let's use OOUI's styles, which are arguably not better but are at least consistent, and don't need additional loads (as right now many, and soon enough every, page load already loads this).

Note that we are also considering dropping those parts completely as part of T100106.

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although a worthy goal to use oojs-ui, i'd say cleanup TMH itself first :)

although a worthy goal to use oojs-ui, i'd say cleanup TMH itself first :)

From IRC, selected lines:

ori: that's 300kb of javascript on barack obama for the media player
marktraceur: Oh no.
marktraceur: Wait, jquery UI is HOW BIG?
marktraceur: WHAT THE HELL
ori: something's wrong, right?
ori: it grew
James_F: marktraceur: We could switch to something else that's more performant, maybe?
marktraceur: Maybe.
James_F: But switching from jQuery UI to OOjs UI might be less effort for the same general pay-off.

I think "Making TMH better" is rather more epic than justifies blocking this issue.

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jQUI is ~200K minified/uncompressed, OOUI is 300K, so as long as OOUI is not included on every page this will actually increase the payload. I don't think it's very significant anyway; gzip will shrink these to 10-20%, and TMH is a video player; a typical video is probably in the megabytes and will dominate traffic costs. There might be valid reasons for replacing jQUI with OOUI, but script size is not one of them, at least for the moment.

ori: that's 300kb of javascript on barack obama for the media player

For posterity, the imgur image:

TMH is like UploadWizard. Tinker on one end, and it breaks on the other.

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This has partialy been done.

Transcode was switched to oo-ui.

All that needs left as far as it looks is the MwEmbedModules/ folder.

But also they are thinking off switching to videojs which is more modern.

TheDJ added a comment.Dec 18 2015, 9:20 AM

One thing that can really still be 'easily' done is to replace the popup dialog for enlarging thumbed videos to OOjs UI. The Kaltura player is however fully build with jQuery UI, so not likely that it will be removed from there.

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@TheDJ / @brion: Is it true that the video.js mode in TMH does not involve jQuery UI? Are there other parts of TMH (e.g. special pages, TimedText stuff etc.) still that use jQuery UI, or would this task be resolved after T100106?

On a Commons page with TMH in videoJS mode, jQUI is now still loaded, because:

  • jquery.ui.core.styles
    • jquery.ui.core
      • jquery.ui.button
        • jquery.ui.dialog
          • ext.gadget.AjaxQuickDelete
          • ext.gadget.Stockphoto
      • jquery.ui.draggable
        • (jquery.ui.dialog again)
      • jquery.ui.resizable
        • (jquery.ui.dialog again)

Not AFAICT pulled in by TMH at all, just the gadgets.