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CX can't load any pages from be-tarask Wikipedia
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While translating from be-tarask wiki, CX can't load 'Audi' in source.

cxserver error at : Page be-x-old:Audi could not be found. HTTPError: 404:

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This is probably related to

Can't cxserver redirect from be-x-old to be-tarask? Or maybe not cxserver itself, but some other component in the services infrastructure?

If this can't be easily resolved there, then maybe should be reverted.

The real root cause is probably T112426, which must be resolved properly on the Wikidata side, but it still makes sense to redirect from an old domain name to a new one.

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Re-checked in wmf.18 - the issue is still present with cx2. With this issue, ContentTranslation tool cannot be used at all for translation from be-tarasl .
When attempting to start translation from

  • the Suggestions are not display if be-tarask is selected as a source language
  • the suggestion list when a new translation started is not displayed
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