Renaming the Aramaic (arc) Wikipedia to the Syriac (syc) Wikipedia


Author: sumermp

Wikipedia has many projects under several languages. These languages are linked to ISO-codes (International Organisation for Standardization). "Our" wikipedia works under the name of Aramaic, and the ISO code of arc. According to ISO, this arc is the official Aramaic from 700 till 300 BC. Since we all contribute in one specific Aramaic dialect thats suits both Western and Eastern Syriac speakers, that is Classical Syriac, the name of the Aramaic Wikipedia must be changed to the more proper name the Syriac Wikipedia. By also changing the name and code (from arc to syc), we will match the ISO code that is given to this specific Aramaic dialect (syc stands for Classical Syriac).

Here is the link where the community gave its approval for renaming the wiki:

I've also contacted GerardM of the WMF about this matter. I quote GerardM: "My impression of all this is that it is best to rename the Aramaic Wikipedia and call it the Syriac Wikipedia and The language policy of the WMF allows in my opinion for such exceptions."

Thank you in advance.

User Michaelovic
administrator (current) Aramaic Wikipedia

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Severity: enhancement

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sumermp wrote:

One thing to add: The interwiki text on the sidebars on other wikipedias should be changed from ܐܪܡܝܐ to ܣܘܪܝܝܐ.

Thank you in advance.

User Michaelovic
administrator (current) Aramaic Wikipedia

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sumermp wrote:

Will someone take a look? Thanks,


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bugs wrote:

There are a few other rename requests waiting (see bug 19986) as well, but unfortunately it's currently very difficult to rename wikis. Since you guys have community consensus and have everything in order, the bug will get handled with all of the other ones when the developers figure out how best to do it.

Although this bug probably won't get handled for a while, it should happen eventually, so we just need to try to be patient. :-)

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sumermp wrote:

Any progress? Could someone please explain why it is difficult to rename wikis? Thank you in advance.


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(In reply to comment #4)

Could someone please explain why it is difficult to rename wikis?

See bug 19986 comment 5 and 6.

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First, I'm sorry that it's taking so long.

Changing the URL is still problematic.

Changing the title of the language should be easier, however.

Niklas, there seems to be consensus for changing the autonym. However, arc is a standard code, so it won't work with CLDR and ULS. Can we use $wgDummyLanguageCodes to override it? Or something else?

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