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Interwiki links display in triple on certain articles
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Urgent: Possibility to rollback 1.28/wmf.5.
There is some bug in the last update. Interwiki shows triple link for some pages in Wed updated wikis, as Hebrew and Catalan. See for example this article, that has two enwiki links, and one more from Content Translation tool.

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This isn't causing dataloss, hasn't completely broken anything, only displaying interwiki links in triplet according to report.

No problem, I made it unbreak now not because it's so bad, but because it's better to be fixed in the next 8.5 hours - before all wikipedia deployments. If it will be spread worldwide, it's embarrassing.

Tested that article as anonymous user and observed the problem.

I enter to this page Uapití in catalan wikipedia, with my user and annonimous and still see 2 english link (one to elk and the second to wapiti). i have no preference in catalan wikipedia (i am from He-wikipedia). i try to save an empty change and try to purge the day in catalan and hebrew wikipedia and it still there. It is not in one article but in several. Try to enter to a random article with english interlink in catalan or Hebrew wikipedia and you will see it (if not, save an empty change), It not appear in all article, for example in he and ca article connect to chital it not appear. In the begining i think it append only in page with redirect but in "Niger national football team" i don't see any redirect in english wilki.
And because it appear in the same page in ca and he wikipedia, is not a local setting and it start today. So i think it relate to the new update


(Meta comment: This might be the first time—at least the first time that I notice—that the Hebrew Wikipedia community noticed a bug thanks to the Wednesday deployment. Wednesday deployments started in December 2015 [T115002]. Thanks for reporting this!)

can anyone give more examples of pages that have these problems?

for, I see "Wapati" in the langlinks table for en and the site link on the connected Wikidata item is "Elk".

I am nearly certain the issue is

the second 'en' link is supposed to be for Simple English Wikipedia. Can reproduce the issue...

Change 293627 had a related patch set uploaded (by Aude):
Revert "Map dummy language codes in sites"

Change 293631 had a related patch set uploaded (by Thcipriani):
Revert "Map dummy language codes in sites"

Change 293627 merged by jenkins-bot:
Revert "Map dummy language codes in sites"

Change 293631 merged by jenkins-bot:
Revert "Map dummy language codes in sites"

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Sorry about this, I did not think the language links were based on the language codes from the sites table. They shouldn't be, really... I'll check that out.

Also, I'll make a ticket for restoring the functionality that was just reverted. We do want accurate information about the content language of all the sites, afterall. Content language on simplewiki *is* "en" - but of course, that can't be used to link to simplewiki.