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Full-featured map visual editor
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Adding / Editing map tags

  • Add a maplink
  • Edit a maplink
  • Add a mapframe
  • Edit a mapframe

Configuring tag options

  • Edit maplink anchor text
  • Edit mapframe horizontal alignment (left, center, right)
  • Edit mapframe format (frame, frameless) T318813
  • Edit mapframe caption text T318815
  • Select auto-positioning configuration
  • Enter center and zoom parameters manually

Editing map features

  • Add/Edit/Delete simple GeoJSON features
  • Customize simple GeoJSON features appearance (colors, size, icon, incremental counter)
  • Customize simple GeoJSON features with popup information
  • Add/Edit/Delete dynamic ExternalData features
  • Customize dynamic ExternalData features appearance (colors, size, icon)
  • Customize dynamic ExternalData features with popup information
  • Edit raw GeoJSON directly

Wikivoyage specific options

  • Support group data and its corresponding group and show parameters
  • Render incremental counter maplinks with corresponding counter as maplink text.
  • Customize maplink's incremental counter background color

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