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[EPIC] Code Deploy Dashboard
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We don't have an simple way of communicating what code is deployed to which wikis. Right now you need a combination of Gerrit and the MediaWiki Roadmap.


  • Product Managers: I want to see one page where I can tell if code my team has developed is on all Wikipedias.
  • Developers: I want to know when code I have written is on the test wikis and when it'll be on English Wikipedia.
  • Technical Users/Readers: I want to see if there's an obvious excuse for a problem I am seeing on my home wiki due to a recent deployment.
  • Release Team: All of the above.

Solution ideas:

  • Create a dashboard page, hosted in Gerrit that displays the currently deployed/active branches on the WMF Cluster (and, for bonus points, the Beta Cluster). The branches will link to a single page in Gerrit that lists all of the changes and their commit short message.
  • The above, but hosted on (managed by a bot, on commit, so it is not out of date).
  • The above, but hosted on its own vhost and running on the



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greg wrote on 2014-07-15 00:19:22 (UTC)

20:14 < Ryan_Lane> greg-g: for the code deploy dashboard...
20:14 < Ryan_Lane> trebuchet writes its deployment info into redis
20:14 < Ryan_Lane> if we change its schema some we can track each deployment separately by tag
20:15 < Ryan_Lane> as well as the deployment message that went along with it
20:15 < Ryan_Lane> then a dashboard could just read from redis
20:16 < Ryan_Lane> currently each deployment for a repo overwrites the data from the last, to make things simpler
20:16 < Ryan_Lane> hm. or does it? did I change that
20:16 < Ryan_Lane> I need to document the schema being used
20:17 < Ryan_Lane> hm, I should also put the schema/attribute mapping in a pillar so that it can be changed without needing to modify the code everywhere later, in a different channel
00:18 < Ryan_Lane> it [NB: a dashboard] was my original intention for the data, but a cli was quicker/easier to build

Another suggested solution: integrate this into phabricator as a phab dashboard panel?

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We have gone for the 'assign tags to bugs' approach instead, allowing users to search for changes within Phabricator. It's not really a /dashboard/ per se, but it does the job of communicating 'this change will be in release X'.

Hackish but working code at, @Legoktm has relevant credentials.

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I have removed Release-Engineering-Team from all the subtask since they are already in Deployments. We attempt to only get the root task / Epic on our board hence the cleanup.

Did anyone work on this task at Wikimedia-Hackathon-2015? If so, please share an update. If not, remove the label.

In T280#1324933, @Qgil wrote:

Did anyone work on this task at Wikimedia-Hackathon-2015? If so, please share an update. If not, remove the label.

Updates were shared two comments above: T280#1307224 and T280#1320202.

I would like to build a phabricator application that summarizes this information in a nice and easily parsable way, in a single canonical location.

I don't think forrestbot completely satisfies the need for a summary of this information, rather, the information is scattered about in various phabricator objects.

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