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QA Editing-related IP Masking changes
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This task involves the work of QA'ing all changes related to IP masking that impact the features/experienced the Editing Team is responsible for.

Impacted interfaces

This section contains the interfaces that are impacted by the changes we've made to adapt to IP masking (T326876) and that we'll QA as part of this task.

  • CodeEditor
  • ConfirmEdit
  • DiscussionTools
  • TemplateData
  • VisualEditor
  • WikiEditor
  • MobileFrontend


For each of the interfaces listed above, verify the changes the tickets below are implemented as described.

NOTE: the below is does not represent an exhaustive list of the interfaces and changes that need to be verified.


  • All Editing Team-owned interfaces are tested
  • Anything you find that does not appear/function as expected is documented (e.g. via comments or new tickets)

Related Objects

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This is done from the Editing QA side. All the following tasks has been verified:
T338171: Revise UI copy for temporary accounts
T332431: Update ConfirmEdit for IP masking
T332434: Update TemplateData for IP masking
T343848: Update code that deals with refreshing session info when the user logs in / log out in another tab while editing, to also handle transitioning to/from a temp user account
T332437: Change EditAttemptStep and other schemas and logging to support temp users
T332438: Centralize EditAttemptStep logging code in WikimediaEvents
T344879: Show the "Temporary user" popup with the post-edit notification if needed
T332432: Update DiscussionTools for IP masking
T337784: Prevent DiscussionTools from setting preferences for temporary accounts
T331397: Live preview returns IP address as signature
T332433: Update page editing features in MobileFrontend for IP masking
T307054: [IP Masking] Temporary account mobile web support in editing workflow
T332435: Update VisualEditor for IP masking
T307056: [IP Masking] Temporary account VisualEditor support
T342770: Can't edit any page via visual editor while not logged into an account or a temporary account
T336001: Mobile post-edit notifications have two versions
T332436: Update WikiEditor for IP masking
T335530: New messages are needed for warnings about logged-out editing for IP masking
T335532: Expose IP masking (temporary user creation) configuration in the API
T335590: New messages are needed for empty state of temporary user talk pages
T338002: Let action=edit API instruct the client to redirect to another location after saving the edit
T338003: Expose a method to display post-edit notification after reloading the page
T337796: Prevent VisualEditor from setting preferences for temporary accounts
T201613: Unify 'edit notices' technology stack