VisualEditor: Internet Explorer compatibility (tracking)
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A retread of bug 42847 for issues in the run-up to wider deployment.

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bzimport set Reference to bz50085.
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  • Bug 65688 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
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Change 155841 had a related patch set uploaded by Jforrester:
[WIP] Greylist IE11

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Change 155841 merged by jenkins-bot:
Greylist IE11

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Jdforrester-WMF removed blocking tasks: T73119: Pressing Backspace/Delete or creating a heading causes the page to abruptly scroll up on Internet Explorer 11, T71503: VisualEditor: Inspectors close immediately in IE, T74917: VisualEditor: Save page dialog's edit summary text box is black in Internet Explorer 11, T68096: VisualEditor: isMsie doesn't catch MSIE 11+, T74643: VisualEditor: Some dialogs are showing with transparent backgrounds in IE11, T74480: MediaWiki API Cache-Control headers are different than MediaWiki's which causes problems for VE users on some browsers, T67714: VisualEditor: Test whether paste binding needs "beforepaste" for MSIE compatibility, T64334: VisualEditor: Save dialog throws "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read get getModel of undefined" (IE9), T65778: VisualEditor: Broken appearance when window is too small in Internet Explorer, T65749: VisualEditor: Icons render weirdly in IE10, T65697: VisualEditor: Fatal "SCRIPT16389: Unspecified error" error in IE9, T65048: VisualEditor: IE9 doesn't load new page when when re-editing a page modified in another browser, T65046: VisualEditor: IE9 skips header line in table, T65039: VisualEditor: Console shows "Permission denied" on IE9 when VE is first initiated, T65038: VisualEditor: Can't create new paragraph by hitting return in IE9(?), T51464: VisualEditor: VE crash mid-edit in IE9, T52874: VisualEditor: Check whether we work in IE11 fine, and if so, add to the whitelist, T51187: VisualEditor: IE9/10 incompatibilities with saving process, T52088: VisualEditor: Editing of headings is broken in IE10, T52086: VisualEditor: Impossible to review or save changes in IE10, T52045: VisualEditor: Right-click in IE10 causes deletion of the selected content, T52044: VisualEditor: Transclusion editor broken in IE10 (stack overflow), T43233: VisualEditor: Context menu appears in the wrong place in IE10 when zoomed in.

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