Hovercards: Display popups across wikis
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(Quoting Pyb from https://www.mediawiki.org/w/index.php?title=Talk:Beta_Features/Hovercards&workflow=ru7lut84ni79e2oe)

On Wikimedia Commons, Hovercards displays an extract of a Commons page. And doesn't work on [[:en:toto]], [[:fr:toto]]...

It would be interesting to display an extract of a wikipedia page.

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This would be a super super cool feature.

Main technical issue I see is would be mapping the interwiki prefix to the API url. Especially since we can nest prefixes ([[d:n:b:w:User:Legoktm]] is a valid link).

After that, we just use JSONP to grab the extract/pageimage from the other wiki!

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Changing priority until decision is made on hovercards cross-wiki

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We'd need some design input on this before moving forward.