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there should be a comparison of clicks count on interlanguage links on different platforms
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On different incarnations of Wikipedia the interlanguage links look and behave quite differently. Assuming that the main purpose of interlanguage links is to help people find content in their language, it is useful to see what designs behave the best and get more people to click or tap on them.

The platforms to check are:

  • MobileFrontend
  • iOS app
  • Android app
  • desktop
    • On desktop it may be useful to note whether the Compact links beta feature was in use, and if it was, whether the clicked link was in the initial list or in the ULS panel.

For some non-numeric discussion of the issues see .

(This is probably mostly work for Analytics, but I'm also tagging Mobile and Language teams, because it's closely related.)

See R&D card here:

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If this doesn't require new instrumentation I think we can help. I created a card cross-linking to this ticket in Trello and I'll discuss it with the team at the next backlog grooming.

Looks like it doesn't require something special. Do note that it needs to take into account the apps, and it would be nice to know whether the clicking user has the Compact language links beta feature enabled.

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@Amire80, we reviewed this card. I was assuming we could easily answer this with data we had already processed but it's not the case. We have little bandwidth to work on this: I'm archiving the Trello card assuming it's not a critical blocker, but I'll leave this as an open task on Phab.

Fyi web counts clicks to language button. If advise doing what the discovery team did and design a schema for all platforms. Am happy to help you get that schema up and running on web once done.

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One caveat in comparing across apps and web: their is one Wikipedia app, which users use to access all languages, however on web the sites are actually accessed directly. This may seem like a silly distinction, but it matters in the users mind if they see Wikipedia as one place with many languages, or many places each with its own language.

Still a very worthwhile idea, and I look forward to seeing the results.

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@Amire80 is this done after we publish the dashboard we're working on?

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@Nuria can work on this on BCN hackathon maybe? There is a new dataset about interlanguage links. Linking it here so everybody knows about it:

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@Amire80 is this done after we publish the dashboard we're working on?

Our current dashboard is desktop-only, so it doesn't cover all platforms, and covering all platforms is still desirable.

But it's quite likely that making some small modifications to this dashboard will resolve this task.