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Static maps service crashes on broken images (used in icons)
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As mentioned in T141304#2876711 when using an invalid marker type (one not in our supported set of icons or a typo) the static map service will not generate an image. It crashes. :) :(

Perhaps we should validate them?

Here's screenshots....

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The first map preview works as intended (rocket). The second (castle) does not display an image.

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We could hardcode the list of all available markers in php, and update it when maki package changes. The list so far: this regex: /^(-number.*|-letter.*|\d\d?|[a-z])$/, or one of these constants:

aerialway, airfield, airport, alcohol-shop, america-football, art-gallery, bakery, bank, bar, baseball, basketball, beer, bicycle, building, bus, cafe, camera, campsite, car, cemetery, chemist, cinema, circle, circle-stroked, city, clothing-store, college, commercial, cricket, cross, dam, danger, dentist, disability, dog-park, embassy, emergency-telephone, entrance, farm, fast-food, ferry, fire-station, fuel, garden, gift, golf, grocery, hairdresser, harbor, heart, heliport, hospital, ice-cream, industrial, land-use, laundry, library, lighthouse, lodging, logging, london-underground, marker, marker-stroked, minefield, mobilephone, monument, museum, music, oil-well, park, park2, parking, parking-garage, pharmacy, pitch, place-of-worship, playground, police, polling-place, post, prison, rail, rail-above, rail-light, rail-metro, rail-underground, religious-christian, religious-jewish, religious-muslim, restaurant, roadblock, rocket, school, scooter, shop, skiing, slaughterhouse, soccer, square, square-stroked, star, star-stroked, suitcase, swimming, telephone, tennis, theatre, toilets, town, town-hall, triangle, triangle-stroked, village, warehouse, waste-basket, water, wetland, zoo

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Moving off the sprint board - the Discovery team won't be able to finish this work at this time.

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