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Update to latest maki
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although the documentation says: maki icons will be supported as markers, there are some maki icons not supported.

e.g. mountain, which is essential as there are many articles on mountains and this is the natural icon, I guess.
(same for volcano, stadium, castle)

See for the gaps. (generated with <maplink> iterating over all the icons)

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makizushi still uses maki 0.5.0, so we need to either contribute a patch upstream or fork (this is much more complicated than just updating version number due to massive changes in maki 1.0).

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It seems like makizushi is only worried about mapnik upgrades and it's becoming deprecated. Therefore, makiwich is going to be the successor map marker creator.

With the current stack is not possible to have the latest maki running, unless we migrate to libraries that use makiwich. That is also a problem because we have third-party libraries relying on makizushi, like geojson-mapnikify which is a dependency for tilelive-overlay, and they are following the same path as makizushi.

It's a considerable change of codebase that we are not able to work right now.

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This might be easier to do now that npm has aliases perhaps ?