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Bundle StopForumSpam extension with the next MediaWiki release
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Installing StopForumSpam is the standard first step recommended by Manual:Combating spam for dealing with spam, which is one of the first problems owners of public MediaWiki instances are faced with.

  • Passed security review
  • Voting CI structure tests
  • Runs MediaWiki-CodeSniffer
  • Runs phan
  • Supports MySQL, SQLite, and Postgres (if there are schema changes)
  • GPL v2 or later compatible license
  • Extension's default configuration provides optimal experience
  • Tested with web installer

Open issues:

  • Requires a cronjob for updating the banlist
  • Requires object cache

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I'd add to the list that it needs to be amended to adhere to Wikimedia privacy standards by being able to exclude reporting user data to SFS. A security review was passed at T155725 which identified some issues (awaiting to be fixed). In any case, having this will be extremelly helpful IMHO, as most spammers are caught by SFS blacklists and being able to stop them using their data would be a huge advantage to combat spam and abuse.

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I'm marking this as stalled because in its current form I don't think this extension is ready for bundling. @Skizzerz and I have discussed a few things on IRC on how to make the extension easier to use - I think once those are implemented then we can go ahead with bundling.

Reedy updated the task description. (Show Details)Jul 8 2019, 9:50 AM
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I'm bumping this to 1.35. Any update on the required changes for bundling?

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