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Wikimedia Technical Conference 2019 Session: Mediawiki Code Ownership
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debt, Fri, Oct 4



  • Track: Standardization Decisions
  • Topic: Mediawiki Code Ownership


In this session we will be looking for solutions to our code stewardship problems.

Questions to answer and discuss

Question: Should we divide MediaWiki into sections and assign maintainers?

Question: What incentives can we provide for owning code long-term?

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Event Timeline

debt created this task.Fri, Oct 4, 3:43 PM
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This is especially important when deploying code to production, it might be difficult to find the proper code maintainer. I am worrying this session might be to short to address the problem and find a clear solution.

Happy to help with this session.

@Jrbranaa @D3r1ck01 - Would either or both of you be interested in leading this session?

kaldari updated the task description. (Show Details)Wed, Oct 9, 3:51 AM

Sure. Happy to do either.

kaldari removed kaldari as the assignee of this task.Thu, Oct 10, 10:44 PM

@Jrbranaa - Great! Please add yourself as the session leader above and flesh out the description as needed.

kaldari assigned this task to Jrbranaa.Thu, Oct 10, 10:45 PM
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Personally I am not a fan of the focus on team ownership. It is entirely possible for a developer community to have shared ownership of code, and IMO it's a better fit culturally. The problem is indeed the lack of incentives (fixing a problem in some random area of code means you are taking away time from the work you are going to be evaluated on, and the push for OKRs makes that even worse).

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