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Make the ReferencePreviews feature of Popups compatible with BookReferencing
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We realized the new Book Referencing feature is not really compatible with the way the Popups extension shows references. What it does is showing a single reference in a popup. With Book Referencing in use, such a popup will show "Page 2", for example. Nothing else. That's confusing.

One possible solution is to teach the Popups extension to understand nested references, and show the parent as well.

Things to be done

  • Identify sub-references when scraping the preview text from the wiki page
  • Identify the parent reference
  • Scrape content of the parent reference
  • Combine both in the preview (TBD by design)

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We'll start implementing points 1-3 while waiting on design feedback for point 4.

WMDE-Fisch moved this task from Sprint Backlog to Doing on the WMDE-QWERTY-Sprint-2020-01-21 board.

Change 566710 had a related patch set uploaded (by WMDE-Fisch; owner: WMDE-Fisch):
[mediawiki/extensions/Popups@master] [WIP] Include parent text on previews of extended references

The algorithm part of the patch including a test is ready. Can be reviewed concerning that aspect. Waiting for the final mock on this now.

Here is the prototype no.1, a sub book reference example with the existing design.

Here are some other ideas which are more experimental: (File names are numbered in order for further discussion)

@thiemowmde Here is the updated prototype after your input from today.

Here is the latest prototype, since the popup is next to the reference number it can be a good idea to remove it from the pop-up. Also instead of extra icons, we can just show the page number with a line break.

@Erdinc_Ciftci_WMDE, is the line "S. 22-77" indented by a few pixels? It looks like this in the image, but might be unintentional.

@thiemowmde Yes, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea. I just felt the need to separate "Sub Reference Info" from the "Reference Info" and maybe @Hanna_Petruschat_WMDE can give feedback on that since she is better on visual styling.

I thought that was a mistake with an unintentional space before the page number. I would not leave this there. It's not clear what it should mean in my opinion and is definitely not obvious enough for an indentation. I also think, we don't need it.

Ok, thanks for the clarification! It's no indention then.

The reference number is probably useless, but I think we should easily identify the specific part.

Indeed, the reader who watches successively several references does not want to be obliged to read again the full reference content, they should be able to visually identify the specific part (the subreference content).

So, according to me, this indentation should be more pronounced, instead of removing it.