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Very long discussions (horizontal axis) on talk pages become unreadable
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For an experienced or very interested reader of Wikipedia, you will, from time to time, read a talk page (e.g. following the recent unread changes from the watchlist). If the talk page discussion is very very long you'll sometimes get this great view (not scrollable to the left/right):

We should at least find a better readable hack/workaround to make a talk page at least readable in some way, right? :D

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Can I suggest using the :nth-child(even) selector to align these right and align others left?

You mean like a messenger app does it? Would make sense, but let me test, how it looks :)

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Hmm, I like your idea Jon, but it seems that the talk page structure is very very complicated to style :/ Example:

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@Nirzar How do we want to solve this?

Stop indenting after a certain depth?

Reset indentation after a certain indentation?

What is the ideal design for this case?

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See , which is already used to solve this problem on desktop.

One option would be to duplicate that with CSS, editing length and depth as necessary:

div > dl > dd > dl > dd > dl > dd > dl > dd > dl > dd > dl > dd > dl > dd {
    margin-left: -6.4em;
div > dl > dd > dl > dd > dl > dd > dl > dd > dl > dd > dl > dd > dl > dd::before {
    display: block;
    height: 12px;
    width: 8.4em;
    background: url( /* some equivalent image */ );;
    content: '';
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